What To Expect

Our team prides itself on providing progressive and solution-focused counseling. We do not utilize outdated traditional forms of counseling. Below we have highlighted what you can expect working with our team.

What you will NOT experience

You will not be asked to lay on a couch and talk to the ceiling    

You will not be asked “how does that make you feel” 6,000 times

You will not be subjected to psychological jargon

You will not be judged or ridiculed for feeling how you feel

What you WILL experience

We will have real conversations about the areas of your life you want to improve

We will team up with you to build and utilize your strengths to achieve success

You will experience authenticity and compassion

We use a person-centered approach with a specific focus on Action and Solutions

Simplified Mental Health

We know that by the time many people come to see us, they have likely over-analyzed and thus over-complicated their situations. Rather than continuing that approach, we believe that over-thinking can be a major obstacle to our success. For this reason, we help people simplify the process so they can significantly reduce many of the mental obstacles that they place in their own way and experience remarkable change in a shorter amount of time.