Weight Loss

Many people struggle to achieve or maintain their weight loss goals because of the psychological obstacles and barriers that present themselves. These obstacles can be debilitating for those who do not have a plan for when they occur. The goal of weight loss counseling is to help you modify your thinking and behavior so you can make permanent changes in your health. Most of us know that eating fruits and vegetables, healthy protein and fats, drinking enough water, appropriate portion sizes, getting enough exercise, and enough sleep will lead to us becoming healthy. We have heard it a million times. The knowledge is only a small part of the equation. Many people struggle with the mental barriers that are often present when trying to lose weight. Have you ever wondered why you are motivated some days and struggle to find the motivation on other days? Have you set a weight loss goal and achieved it; only to gain the weight right back? Are you tired of this cycle? Understanding your own personal mental, physical, and environmental barriers and learning how to overcome them is essential to permanent change. You can discover an easier and clinically proven way to lose weight and feel better and help guarantee your future health and happiness. This is not about finding shortcuts or wasting your time. This is about identifying and eliminating the psychological barriers and obstacles that inhibit your ability to stay motivated to achieve your goals.

I have heard many clients make statements like: “I want to lose weight, but my motivation comes and go’s”, “I just wish I could get out of my own way”, or “every time I get motivated, it seems something happens and I end up taking two steps backwards”. Common issues that inhibit our ability to stick with a health or weight loss plan include:

1. We set too lofty of goals (e.g. I want to lose 50 pounds by Christmas)
2. We are too vague about our goals (e.g. my goal is to lose weight)
3. We set our goals with the assumption we will be consistently motivated
4. We do not plan for obstacles or barriers (or how we will adapt when they inevitably present themselves)
5. We are outcome focused; rather than process-focused
6. We plan for achieving the goal, but don’t plan for maintaining our success
7. We have a fear of failing
8. Many people fear success because they think “what if I slip back to the unhealthier version of myself?”

This is about you and what you want. How do you want to feel? Many of our clients reported an instant increase in motivation after just one session because they were able to walk out with a customized blueprint that provides solutions, a detailed plan for how we will achieve their goals, and a better overall understanding of their strengths and vulnerabilities. They report having a new understanding of what they needed to do to reach their goals quicker and more efficiently. You deserve to be happy and feel good every day; just like anybody else.

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