If you tell someone to wish you luck, it means you chose not to do the necessary work to prepare for success at whatever you are doing. Start paying attention to the implications of your words. “Good Luck” means “I dont believe in you/myself so I’ll depend on the illusion of luck to trick myself into believing I worked hard enough and if it doesn’t work out, I can BLAME bad luck, my friends, my boss, my family, or the environment, or the media, or politicians, etc…anyone else but the ONLY person that can make your life better.

Luck does not, and will not, help you. It serves as a default excuse that we can lean on when we dont do whatever it takes to succeed. But just like the best pranksters, Luck will pull the chair out for you, put a nice fluffy cushion on it so you dont have to experience any discomfort, give you a wink and a smile, and when you go to sit down, it will pull that chair out from under you and you will feel more pain and discomfort than if you would have just done what you should’ve done in the first place.

YOU can do anything when YOU stop allowing obstacles to dictate whether you succeed or fail.  A life full of regrets is way more painful than the discomfort you experience when you use it to be the greatest version of yourself.