I often use the analogy that the growth process is like adding tools to your tool belt. Many of our clients have tried to overcome life’s obstacles while only carrying one or two tools with them. If a handyman shows up to a house with only a flathead screwdriver but has multiple issues to fix that require other tools, they will likely get overwhelmed and ultimately fail to fix the problems that they were hired to fix. There is not one tool that can help you overcome every issue in your life. My job is to help people add as many tools as they need to overcome any challenge that life presents them.

In this article, I am going to discuss one of those tools. I am going to lay out the benefits of daylight bulbs and how they can have a significantly positive impact on your energy level, motivation, confidence, and overall mood. This is especially important now that we are in September and the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter. Using daylight bulbs in the fall and winter months has proven to decrease symptoms like depression and lethargy that many of us feel more of during these months when there is a decrease in sunlight exposure

What is a Daylight Bulb and why is it Different?

A daylight bulb is a light bulb which has a color temperature in the “daylight” range of light. The term “daylight bulbs” is used in the lighting industry to refer to both light bulbs with a high color temperature (usually anything above 6000k), and to full-spectrum light bulbs (which have 6500k+ as their color temperature, and a CRI (Color Rendering Index) score of 96% or more.

Common Places you See Daylight Bulbs

Gyms—There is a reason why your local gym is lit with either fluorescent or daylight bulbs. As mentioned in the previous section, daylight bulbs have a mood-enhancing effect and when we are in a better mood, we tend to feel more motivated, energetic and driven.

Stores—Daylight bulbs make colors more true and vibrant than other types of artificial lighting. If you have ever questioned why paint swatches look different at home than they do on the store’s display shelf, lighting is the answer. Daylight bulbs make everything—flooring, furniture, houseplants, wallpaper, paint, and clothing—look its truest color.

Work/School—again, daylight bulbs promote an improved mood and an increase in productivity and mental awareness. Daylight bulbs also have been shown to improve scholastic performance in students

Are Daylight Bulbs More Expensive than Standard Light Bulbs?

Any light bulb with a color temperature over 6000k will produce the desired effects of improved mood, mental awareness, and productivity, but only the more expensive “full-spectrum” daylight bulbs will produce the full range of benefits daylight bulbs have been proven to yield in a business and home environment.

Are Daylight Bulbs More Energy Efficient?

Most daylight bulbs are more energy efficient and last longer than light bulbs on the warmer end of the spectrum. This allows you to save money on replacement bulbs (many LED daylight bulbs last up to 10,000 hours), and making the switch can also save you on your energy bill.


The majority of people fill their homes with the standard soft white light bulbs; which are nice when it comes to cultivating a more relaxed and comfortable environment but they do not help very much when you want to feel more energetic and motivated. At our house, we strategically placed daylight bulbs in areas where we wanted to feel more energized; such as the master bathroom lights above the mirror for when we are getting ready in the morning, in our office, and in our exercise room. We use soft white light bulbs in all of the bedrooms, kitchen, and family room.
Transitioning to daylight bulbs in your home office or professional workspace is easy, and is simply a matter of choosing light bulbs in the 6000k+ range when you next make a purchase.