I just got back to my office from getting something to eat and thought I should share what just happened while sitting in a drive-thru. I have been pretty sick the last three days and I was sitting there thinking to myself how low my mood has been today.  I pull up to pay and get my food and the lady working the drive-thru tells me that the person in front of me took care of paying for my meal.  I asked why and she said they just wanted to be nice.  My mood instantly improved and I wanted to pay it forward so I paid for the person’s meal that was behind me in line.  After I pulled away, I stopped for a moment and looked back and noticed the person behind me handing the cashier money; which means that they paid for the person’s meal behind them.

I know the media thrives on creating the narrative that everyone is divided and the world is always one second away from coming to a cataclysmic end but don’t allow yourself to get caught up in this catastrophic narrative and look at what is right in front of you.  Do not underestimate the powerful impact that doing something simple for someone else has on humanity.