In the past month, I have heard more people describe the world as this horrible, scary, violent place full of selfish people who will screw you over if it serves them. Remember that just because the negative aspects of the world grab our attention more so than the positive parts doesn’t mean that nothing good is happening.  It just means you are choosing to focus on one over the other.

The reason that the drama of the world catches our attention so easily is because there is so much good in the world that we are used to (but may not be mindful of).  We should be encouraged at the very fact that the negative stuff is still catching our attention.  All of the media outlets understand that we are drawn to scenarios that are out of the established order and don’t make sense to us.

We experience the same phenomenon when we are driving down the highway and notice an accident or a car pulled to the side of the road. It is not the other 1,000 vehicles that are traveling smoothly with no issues that grabs our attention; it is the two car accident on the side of the road that makes us slow down and stare with curiosity.  Although it is just two cars that we notice out of several hundred on the roads with us, those two cars on the side of the road are not supposed to be there so we instantly start trying to solve the case which means that memory will stick with you and be more readily available to you.  Media outlets know this is how our brains work and exploit this fact rather brilliantly…but it only works if we let it.  Try not to base your world view on the two cars on the side of the road and base it on the majority of the vehicles traveling safely.  There are far more good people out there than bad. Don’t let the 1% of negativity distort your worldview.  If you are tired of hearing about all of the crap that is going on in the world, maybe its time to change the channel.  I go to every morning to read a story.  Trade in needless drama for inspirational stories and you will notice a difference in your mood and you will have a more accurate view of the world and will develop a healthier relationship with it.