Healthfit Counseling now offers HIPAA-compliant secure online video counseling.

Many people are in areas where it is simply not easy to find a good therapy option. With online therapy, as long as you have an internet connection, you can speak with a therapist.

Along the same lines, there may be people out there who have physical issues that prevent them from getting out of the house to go to a therapy session once or twice a week. It could be due to their health, their strength and ability to drive or find transportation, or even intense anxiety that prevents them from leaving. Telehealth counseling helps to ensure that people who really need therapy can get it no matter where they are located.

Of course, online therapy also happens to be very convenient. Clients can attend the sessions right from the comfort of their own homes, and many may find that they are more comfortable sharing and talking with a therapist in this setting. In addition, there are many insurance providers who will cover online therapy, which helps to make it affordable.

Online counseling can also be alternated with counseling sessions in the office or can be used if a scheduling conflict comes up during the day.

Our telehealth service is secure and HIPAA compliant.  Our video appointments are always protected with bank-level encryption and security. We offer reliable, trustworthy, and careful data protection to our clients.