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We are glad you have decided to take action and become a better version of yourself. 

One major part of our mission is to completly obliterate the stigma attached to mental health. We could not understand why there was a stigma for someone recognizing they wanted to improve their life and then doing what it takes to make that happen.  If anything, we thought there should be a stigma on “knowing there are areas of your life you want to improve, understanding that there was someone to help you do that quicker and more effectively, and making the choice to accept mediocrity.”

When we started Healthfit Counseling, our objective was to look at the aspects of mental health treatment that people do not like and be as different as possible.  Some of the ways we are different are:

We practice what we preach:

You will never be given a tool, resource, or strategy that your counselor has not utilized themselves.  And if you are given an assignment that you do not believe the counselor has done themselves, we encourage you to call us out.  If we are going to hold you accountable, we should be held accountable too. Which brings us to the second difference…

We develop real authentic relationships with our clients

Our team embraces being an open book. We don’t want you to hide from your past, adversity, or insecurities; therefore, we don’t hide either.  This goes back to the point about practicing what we preach.  We understand that if we do not model the behaviors and mentality that we expect out of our clients, we lose all credibility and it jeopardizes the potential growth of everyone involved.

We do whatever it takes

Our counselors think and work outside the box.  We go walking with people, we play basketball with clients, go to the park, etc.  Basically the mentality is: “if it will help our client’s, do it!  We are a private practice which means we do not have the same red tape and restrictions that other mental health facilities have.  As the owner of Healthfit Counseling, I give my team full autonomy and encourage creativity and thinking outside the box.

We cannot wait to work with you so you can feel what it is like to wake up every morning, put your feet on the floor, and know that there is nothing that can actually stop you.


Now there is only one question:  Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?  

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  • Other Services

      • Accelerated Program

        Accelerated Program

        The accelerated program is designed for individuals who are fully motivated to do whatever it takes to achieve maximum results in a shorter amount of time

      • Clinical Supervision

        Clinical Supervision

        Charles Lucas is happy to provide the required 2-year clinical supervision to those who are aspiring to obtain their clinical license.