Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears

You can either wait for life to deal you a better hand or learn to play the game better with the cards you already have


Our Philosophy

If you are reading this, you are probably getting pretty fed up (or on the verge of it) with some aspect(s) of your life and are ready for a change. 


Are you dissatisfied or unhappy with yourself overall? Do you believe that you are inferior to other people? Do you ever think that you are inadequate or not good enough? Does your worrying and feeling anxious seem to take over? Do you find that you put pressure on yourself to meet high standards which then powerfully influences the way we think about ourselves? Are you tired of procrastinating in key areas of your life?  Are you tired of feeling indecisive? Does your anxiety, stress, depression, or low self-esteem negatively impact your relationships, parenting, or career? 


We are here to help! Our approach is simple. We apply a solution-focused approach with a primary focus on growth. We believe a person’s adversity and pain can be their greatest resource…if they let it. 


When we started this practice years ago, our goal was to take a completely different approach that has, and continues, to evoke quicker and remarkable changes for our clients. We want the same thing you want: to find solutions and live our lives as the best version of ourselves. The reason why taking a solution-focused approach is so beneficial and why our clients see such remarkable changes is because once you get into the routine of applying it, you will notice that it is applicable in every aspect of your life. You will see improvements in areas of your life that you weren’t even trying to improve.  


Meet The Team

Our team was assembled with an emphasis on authenticity, compassion, and our overall desire to help you achieve success

Charles Lucas 


Alyssa Hatfield



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What We Do 

Our Specialties

Motivation Issues   
Motivation is something that every person wants to have a high level of no matter what situation they are in. It is motivation that gives us the desire to do things.
When you struggle with depression, it is hard to enjoy life, concentrate, and do daily tasks like you used to. You may feel hopeless, unmotivated 
Anxiety can interfere with relationships, sleep, eating habits, work, school, and hobbies. It is also one of the most common reasons  
Couples Counseling 
Relationships require work and are bound to face challenges large and small. Simple, everyday stressors can strain an intimate relationship, and major sources
Weight Loss Counseling 
With ambition and goal setting comes barriers or obstacles. As most people know, when it comes to setting, achieving, and maintaining goals..
Stress Management

Stress isn’t all bad. At lower levels, stress prepares our bodies for day-to-day challenges by boosting energy, improving cognitive performance 

We use the phrase self-esteem to talk about the beliefs you have about yourself – what you think about the type of person you are, your abilities, the positive and  
Substance Abuse/ Addiction
Many people who are addicted to drugs are also diagnosed with other mental disorders, including anxiety and depression.  

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